July's Rempah Party!

July's Rempah Party!


Date: Saturday, 27 July 2019

Time: 10.00am - 1.00pm

Venue: Bedok North Road

For this month’s Communal Cooking Session, we will be gathering and spending the morning making make ahead rempahs ( homemade pastes) that can be used at home. This session is for you who enjoys cooking but find it hard to be motivated to do it alone, you love a good home cooked meal for yourself or/and for your loved ones or you’re just simply someone who wants to learn how to cook but do not know where to start!

Like all our past communal cooking sessions, it will be a casual gathering, there will be breakfast (you can also bring a love offering potluck!) and you get to enjoy preparing pastes together with other women, bond over conversations, create friendships and have ready made pastes for yourself to take home, freeze and use whenever!

To join us for this communal session, all you need is an open heart + mind and your own favourite kitchen knife and scissors. We will provide you with the rest!

We will be making:

  • Lemak Cili Api Paste x 500G

  • Ready Cooked Sambal X 500G

  • Ready Cooked Sambal Belado Hijau X 500G

  • Green Chilli Ikan Bilis Paste X 500G

  • Onion + Garlic + Ginger Combo Paste X 500G

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What’s in for you?

Ingredients included. Material & aprons will be provided for and will be returned at the end of the session.

  1. Bring home 5 different types of pastes that can be conveniently used for your meal preparation.

  2. Learn how to prepare food more effectively, cut costs, storing/thawing food correctly and hygienically.

  3. Experience cooking in a casual cosy setting and creating food with other like minded women.

  4. Engage and bond in positive conversations, take a break to practice mental wellness for you!

  5. Take away containers will be provided.

  6. Light breakfast and refreshments

  7. Lifelong skills and techniques in your apron’s pocket!

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