Stories Of A Mother's Sacrifice And The Value Of Investing In Creativity

Stories Of A Mother's Sacrifice And The Value Of Investing In Creativity


“ Even when times get tough, never ever let go of your passion. It is so important to invest in what is important to you. Never allow experts in your field or anyone else for that matter to lead or dictate what you're supposed to like or not and who you should or should not be. ”

- Shakina Razale

Join us in this session as Shakina shares her journey of discovering her love for watercolour, the setbacks that had once crushed her confidence and creativity in pursuing her passion and how she regained it back with the guidance of the right teachers and support from her loved ones. When it comes to motherhood, Shakina has had to make important decisions and sacrifices for her two year old son's health and well being. Never allowing circumstance to dictate her fate, Shakina chooses to rise from every setback that she meets, with patience, grace and turning to painting as a means of learning, recharging and personal growth. 

In this session, step into the shoes of an illustrator/watercolour artist for a day and explore the different materials used in watercolour art. Shakina will be guiding us in understanding the basics of colour theory and the techniques of mixing colours. You will experience painting your own pie chart of colour tones and shades; a valuable and foundation skill in painting. All materials will be provided, expect a relaxing and meaningful gathering with like minded individuals as you create and connect. A light homemade brunch will be served by Asha.

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Shakina majors in Botanical Illustration awarded from Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh. She specialises in botanical and medical paintings. Apart from traditional painting, Shakina also does digital illustrations to expand her skills in different mediums.  To learn more about Shakina and her work, please click here. To watch her process painting videos, head over here!

Date: Sunday, 18 August 2019
Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm

Venue: 124 Bedok North Road

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