What it means to enjoy your craft and having a craft business with Hajira

What it means to enjoy your craft and having a craft business with Hajira


“ I am constantly refining my craft because sewing is something that means a lot to me; growing up, I remember sitting beside my mother and watching her sew. I also remembered making clothes to dress up my dolls. But having a craft business is different. You need to constantly innovate and understand what your customers need. Find your identity through your work and from there you’ll learn to choose who are the right customers for you” - Hajira

Join us in this session as Hajira shares her story of her earliest memories of creating with cloth, growing up in Hong Kong, how a career switch from working in the construction industry to running her own hair salon became the pivot to which she decided to create a life in which she is passionate about. Presently, having settled down in Singapore a few years ago, Hajira reconnected with her love for sewing and runs a craft business at Hajira Handmade. She shares candidly on her struggles between doing what she loves and what works for a business, getting out of a creative rut and starting to innovate and her bigger plans of turning her hobby into a professional business.

In this session, you will get to experience hand sewing your very own cloth coaster to take home with you. Enjoy a relaxing and meaningful gathering with like minded individuals as you create and connect. A light homemade brunch will be served by Asha.

Date: Saturday, 20th October 2018

Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm

Venue: Bedok North Road

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