"I love that the recipe is authentic and very close to the food I tasted in Hatyai, especially the tom yum. And I cannot wait to try the clear soup tom yum! Always love your sessions dear. Helps me in my growth and I truly enjoy every session. Will be looking forward to more amazing art/cooking session!"  - Zawiyah 

"I love the warmth and friendly approach MasyaAllah. Totally brings out the sisterhood between Muslim sisters. Happy, positive & empowering vibes all around!" - Anonymous 

"Thank you Asha for the class! Definitely gave me the boost of confidence I needed to start baking/cooking. It was a much needed session of familiarizing with the many ingredients out there. It's going to be a great help when I'm going to the market!" - Natalia

"I not only learnt the recipes for cooking my favourite Thai dishes, I also immensely enjoyed the chatting with lovely Asha. I learnt that having the growth mindset is important in life. The way we look at and think about things with this growth mindset are what makes our souls happy. The idea of exploring, making mistakes, learning from it, being adventurous in whatever we do, and looking at matters from different angles and perspectives opens our minds to endless possibilities and create our own world of infinite positivity. To me, that was the top learning takeaway." - Fauzana


"Making time for ourselves is important and the soul art session provides the perfect opportunity for one. Thank you so much, Asha, for showering us participants love, opening your cosy home studio to conduct these sessions and providing us opportunities to learn and work on ourselves." - Afroza

"Thank you Asha & Co. for such an amazing experience. I got to meet fellow participants and learn from their experiences as well. The session also encouraged me to not underestimate my abilities." - Anonymous