Breaking stereotypes through Yoga
Breaking stereotypes through Yoga
Breaking stereotypes through Yoga

Breaking stereotypes through Yoga

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"We must reject not only the stereotypes that others have of us but also those we have of ourselves"

- Shirley Chisholm

"I didn't realize I was self sabotaging myself a lot. I was constantly insecure and hated my body. I was so concerned on what others thought of me and eventually I allowed it to take over me"

Ezan, a secretary in a pharmaceutical firm, first discovered yoga in 2005 while living in the UK but stopped soon after because of a few unpleasant experiences that led her to believe that Yoga was more suited for a "certain body type" only. It was at her lowest point in 2015 that she decided to give Yoga a try again; something which she had always loved. She decided to learn and deepen her knowledge on Yoga by taking up professional courses and certification. Since then, she hasn't look back.

"Yoga has taught me that I am in control of my mind and my thoughts. I am a work in progress and I hope to help other women to see their full potential too"

Join us as we spend the morning with a 30 minutes Aroma Yoga session guided by Ezan. After a relaxing yoga session, treat your taste buds to a wholesome brunch prepared by Asha and listen as Ezan shares her honest and raw stories of breaking stereotypes, self sabotage and her continuous search of being the best version of herself. 

Please bring your own mat and be in comfortable sports attire for our Aroma Yoga session. A washroom is available at venue.

Aroma Yoga Session

Aroma Yoga uses therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance mind-body awareness and helps in releasing tension, blocked energies and negative emotions bringing you to a place of inner peace, balance and harmony within oneself. It is suitable for regular yoga practitioners and beginners as well.

Venue:  39A Bussorah St, Singapore 199457

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