You've Got This, Mama! Bear Card

You've Got This, Mama! Bear Card


Our You’ve Got This, Mama! Bear card is to honour and celebrate the mothers in our lives.

As part of March’s International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate a special group of women, the mamas in our lives and around us who continue to give all of themselves and serving those whom they love and care for. This card was specially hand sketched by Asha. Inspired by the playful bond between mother bears and their cubs, mother bears are known to piggy back their young cubs, always watching out for them and always there to give their babies a warm mama bear hug - just like the mama you are and the mama’s in your life.

Whether you are gifting this as a little reminder for you (because, why not!) or to a special mama in your life, we want each mother that receives this to know that we love them and that they are not alone in their journey of motherhood.

With every purchase of our You’ve Got This, Mama! Bear card, $1.50 will be contributed to our community fund where we support women in their journey of healing and recovery through sharing or sponsoring the cost of professional counselling services in Singapore. Every contribution is precious to us and will truly benefit in supporting another woman’s growth journey so that they too can live their best lives.

Each card is printed on 300gsm on matte card stock, (w)10.5cm x (h)15cm. Inclusive of local normal postage. Overseas postage/ Registered postage fees available.

If you’d like us to sent this to a loved one, kindly include your message in the form upon checkout.

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